Electrical Design
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Electrical Design


Careful electircal design is now
more important than ever

Welcome to electrical.org.nz, your guide to Electrical Design!

When designing the electrical system for your home, consult a registered electrician, architect, electrical engineer or home automation company.

They will sit down with you and discuss your requirements and formulate a design that will compliment your lifestyle and requirements both now and into the future. 

Asking questions such as "are you likely to have a spa " or "do you have any three phase motors in the workshop" will significantly alter the design capacity of the system to ensure all your current and future needs are met.

Always use a registered electrician when carrying out any electrical work.

If you are unsure whether a person is registered, ask to see their current practising license, which will show what type of work they are permitted to undertake and the expiry date of the registration.



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